Welcome to the Architect-ing podcast:

A platform to bring together Colorado architects and tell the stories behind their images.

Hosted by Adam Wagoner

The purpose of this podcast is to discover the stories of architects, to introduce the outside world and other architects to the personal experiences of our profession.

In our interconnected, international world, this podcast will purposefully be local and narrow, focusing not on well known national stars, but on a specific, local community.

These talks will aim to document the profession in a way that goes beyond the final, glossy images of buildings on websites and into the real experiences, struggles, toils and successes of architects.

My name is Adam Wagoner. I am an architect. I am married to an architect. I have two architectural degrees from Kansas State and Yale and have worked for a dozen different architects in three different countries. However, for the last five years, Colorado has been my home.

The goal of this project is to discover good stories and build a stronger community in Colorado. I hope the few of you who are interested, enjoy.


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