MARTIAL ARTS _seattle, wa. _3rd year student project

This third year project, completed under direction of Professor Larry Bowne, was submitted to the AIA Kansas Annual Awards and received the Student Honor Award, placing first out of all years from Kansas State University and the University of Kansas.

Set in the International District of Seattle, WA, this building was designed around the concept of contrary forces bound together by a unifying element.

Site: the ocean and mountains bound by Seattle

Program: mind and body bound by Martial Arts

This concept becomes apparent in the building with the two voids, the circle (contemplation) and the triangle(action), bound by the rectangular form and scrim.

The progression of the building upward follows the progression in levels of training. The children start on ground level and final performance is on the top.

Intersecting this rectangle are the offices below grade and a tea garden at street level. This axis is terminated by the cylinder housing the tea house.