COLLEGE HOUSING COMPLEX_ mcpherson, ks_ schematic design

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RAW Design was commissioned to design a student housing complex for McPherson College. The site was a block on the outer edge of the campus. We took the possible building area, separated it into four blocks to accommodate for parking and permeability. Looking at the European perimeter block as a precedent, we inserted courtyards for light and nature. The blocks were then sliced to allow for circulation and views.

The college was pleased with this design because it created individual housing blocks that could be built as housing demands required, and because it gave a smaller community feel to each building unit.

The south unit was the first to be built. The floor plan was designed with a hard exterior “shell” of brick which responds to the surrounding buildings on campus. The privacy then becomes more public as you move inward to the courtyard, with the bedrooms being most private, the living rooms being semi-private and the courtyard being public. Additionally, all units were designed to have a view of the community room to the West, so that the residents can be aware of any events occurring.

The section of the building was designed to introduce southern light into all spaces as well as to create stacked ventilation. Lofted areas were created in the living rooms for added storage and study space. Bathrooms were designed with high well-lit volumes.

After the schematic phase, another architect was selected to take the building through construction. Our plan was kept, but the section and elevations were changed and the courtyard was paved over with concrete.