Recently RAW was hired to help The ELWA Ministries Association (EMA) visualize the future development on their 137 acre property. This ministry, Eternal Love Winning Africa, located outside of Monrovia, Liberia, comprises ELWA Radio, ELWA Hospital, ELWA Services, and ELWA Academy.

Tracing its roots back to 1952, EMA has persevered in this poverty stricken and war torn country even after being forced to abandon their campus in 1991 and again in 1997 because of civil war. However, this ministry is now growing, thriving, and looking towards the future.

For two weeks Adam Wagoner and Tim Sherman traveled to Liberia, living on the ELWA campus and working with the staff and users of the complex to help visualize the future of their site. This new plan includes a new 100 bed hospital, new K-12th grade school, new radio station to replace the one that was fire bombed five days before our arrival, new guest house to server over 40 people, new amphitheater for concerts and community events, and a number of new residential units.

View of proposed school site.

View of proposed amphitheater and radio station site.

raw_ELWA 6

View of proposed hospital site.  We schematically designed the hospital to facilitate modular, easily constructed, wings connected by central circulation corridor with space for future expansion.

Tim Sherman (left) and Adam Wagoner (right) working with ELWA director Kedrick White (center) and staff.