The Binckhorst is an industrial area near the city center of The Hague in great need of urban regeneration. The first step was a 6 week mapping project, investigating the historical developments, existing economy and infrastructure, and internal social networks of the area. This information is presented and shared through an open source, online database platform called The Machine ( After this in-depth analysis of the area, a proposal for a small scale, strategic intervention was developed in response to the research.

The Binckhorst is an interesting condition full of complex contradictions. These contentions, the built environment and social identity of the area could be significantly improved through the strategic intervention of a brewery. This bottom-up proposal can be broken down into three phases with options for growth.


Fitting the rough, industrial character of the Binckhorst, a brewery is an ideal function for an adaptive reuse, giving value to the existing vacancy and helping preserve the historic context. Additionally, a brewery and restaurant brings a new source of identity to the Binckhorst, creating a destination for residence all over The Hague, or even greater. This destination acts as an effective social connector, uniting the varying networks and communities of the area.


The boiler room for an old tobacco factory provides a perfect shell for a medium-size brewing production as well as a bar and small restaurant. Located on the corner of a harbor, an enormous south-facing patio offers an ideal setting for an after work beer, gathering with friends, concerts or social events. Additionally, a greenhouse complements the restaurant and internal systems, helping to close the loops of waste streams.



An independent structural grid is inserted into the shell of the historic building, inserting new floors and platforms only where needed and optimizing the volume of space by vertically stacking the brewing process.  The grid also allows for a unique user experience, providing a public platform into the middle of the space where any visitor can go to observe the brewery yet not interfere with any of the operations.


Public observation platform within the brewery


The Brewing Process

Physical Model