In 2011, RAW received a commission to renovate the 1920’s Renfro Hotel Building, just two buildings down from our previous Zelman Building renovation. Since the mid 1980’s, the building had been used as low income housing and had deteriorated to a run-down state. RAW, along with Cathcart Architects, were tasked with giving the building a face lift.

To accommodate a tight budget, almost all of the delineating apartment walls were kept in place, however interior walls were removed to create more open apartments.



Circular stairs were added to introduce two-story live-work units.

To introduce a more open, light feeling to the apartments, interior bedroom walls were removed.  In their place “boxes” were added.  These boxes allowed for bedroom and living room storage and opened up the rooms.



However to counter with this new openness, a reestablished hierarchy was needed.  Special spaces like the kitchen, vanity area, and apartment entries were highlighted with a simple band of paint and terminated with inset lighting.

Typical Kitchen

Typical Bathroom

The building opened at the end of 2012.  For more information, or to reserve an apartment for yourself, go to: