Over the last few years RAW has had the privilege to work with Hospitals of Hope on their Clinic in a Can (CIC) program {https://www.clinicinacan.org/}.


We help them design and visualize health clinics made from recycled shipping containers.  They then send these units throughout the world to needy or disaster stricken areas.  Over the past years we have helped create a multitude of designs and options for clients in different locations looking for a customized solution for their healthcare needs.

Designs have included programs such as emergency, dental, and delivery rooms, pharmacies, laboratories, x-ray facilities, and even cyber cafes, offices, and dormitories.

CIC also includes all the medical equipment needed for operation, inside the unit, ready to ship.

Designs use 20′ or 40′ containers, in stand-alone use or combines two or three units to form different compounds.


The team at CIC has worked hard to engineer their containers as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, and are always looking into better products to become more sustainable and self-sufficient.

For more in formation or to contact Clinic in a Can go to: https://www.clinicinacan.org/

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