RAW was given the privilege to work with the Wichita-famous Espresso To Go Go.  These coffee magicians had previously worked out of a beautiful streamline trailer but were looking to move into a small, stationary space under the Zelman lofts.  At one point, we had almost convinced them to fabricate a replica streamline interior into their new, rough space.  However in the end we worked with them to design a clean, simple space centered around a long bar and highlighted by a 4ft diameter disco ball.





As a contrast to the clean white space, each customer who ventures into the restroom gets a refreshing blast of color in what may be the bluest bathroom in all of Wichita.



This little espresso bar on Douglas Ave always seems to be busy with long lines clambering for a  Flat White, Long Black, or Velvet Thunder (RAW’s favorite) all painstakingly crafted on Sophia, their beloved espresso machine.  We look forward to what the future holds for ETGG.  Check them out at: https://www.facebook.com/EspressoToGoGo