In the summer of 2011, [RAW] Design was commissioned to work as design consultants with the award winning Kansas City architecture firm, El Dorado Inc., on the complete renovation of the 1953 power building into the new Lux apartment building.

Now completed, this 170,000 sqft renovation, has changed an abandoned office building in the heart of downtown Wichita, Kansas, into a revitalized, mixed use development of high end apartments, office space and a second location for Espresso to Go Go.

[RAW] worked into the Design Development phase with El Dorado, fitting compact and efficient living units into the deep floor plans and high ceilings of the former office building.


Mezzanine spaces were implemented to double unit square footages in the Efficiency Units.

1118-Micro Unit_2.3.12 MAIN ROOM

1118-Micro Unit_2.3.12 KITCHEN

1118-One Bedroom_2.3.2012 LIVING ROOM

Translucent walls brought natural light into the depths of the larger units.

1118-Two Bedroom_2.3.2012 LIVING ROOM2

1118-Two Bedroom_2.3.2012 BEDROOM

All renderings by [RAW]



The multiple rooftops and balconies of the building were transformed into communal outdoor space.


All photos curtesy of El Dorado Inc and taken by Mike Sinclair