Adam Steinbach and Jim Pfieffer, founders of UNUM: collaborative, join the show to talk about the struggles and triumphs of starting a young, progressive design firm. We talk about their shared origins in Philadelphia and their eventual move to Denver. Here they created UNUM, a four year old firm of eight people which is having a visible impact on our Denver fabric. Creating projects that have branched off from Liv Studios innovative hospitality interiors, UNUM has been crafting interior spaces for restaurants, markets, bars, and other retail that have been getting themselves and their clients notice and praise. Beyond these interiors they are branching into residential and resort projects and have created two side projects, UNUM home and UNUM shop, diversifying the typical business model of an architecture firm.

After the credits, this episode includes an extended conversation where they reveal what was actually in their coffee cups and other stories about the struggles of our profession, the design community in Denver and their attempts to bend PVC pipe with hot water.